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Produce So Good It’s Scary!

Halloween is here! It’s time, once again, for pumpkin carving, decorating your front porch with gourds of every shape, size and color and the requisite bobbing for apples at groovy costume parties. Come to Perrine’s Produce for everything you need. There are festive displays full of bright orange pumpkins, and mums in every beautiful fall hue for the perfect host or hostess gift or a gift just for you!

Stock up on whatever produce you need! Make pies bubbling over with tangy rhubarb, crumb or lattice topped apple, of course pumpkin or sweet potato, and the sticky deliciousness of pecan! Plus, pick up other seasonal yummies like pears and nutritional cooler weather goodies such as fresh squash, kale, spinach and Brussel sprouts straight off the stalk. Fall is full of vibrant colors and you know what the experts say. The colorful fruits and vegetables are the best ones to add for a healthy diet…and Perrine’s Produce has all of them and more. 

At Perrine’s Produce, you can also load up your shopping cart with wine from anywhere around the world or around the corner, and trendy craft beers; mouth-watering bakery items from Danish, to cookies, cakes and bread fresh from the oven. Get freshly ground coffee, farm-fresh eggs for breakfast and pre-made meals for a convenient dinner. There are award winning cheeses, party platters, Amish goods, old fashioned candies, a bunch of other grocery necessities, as well as choice cuts of meat and a delicious array of seafood selections.

Basically, no matter what you need for which holiday (or regular day), you can count on Perrine’s Produce to fill the bill!

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