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Why Fresh Is Best

Fresh, fragrant baked breads, hot and steamy from the oven…Fresh, juicy fruits bursting with flavor…Fresh, crunchy veggies full of vitamins and other nutrients…Is it any wonder why fresh is best? 

Fresh foods are full of vibrant flavor. For instance, when fruits and vegetables are harvested before or after their time, they don’t have the best taste or texture. However, when they are picked at the height of their season, as they become perfectly ripe, fruits and vegetables are just the right firmness and their flavor is off the charts!

Fresh foods are more nutritious. As foods such as fruits and vegetables age, they begin to lose their nutritional value; but fresh fruits and vegetables picked at their peak are loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Fresh foods are safer too. It’s always better to eat food items that are fresh. Older foods can grow mold and begin to harbor potentially dangerous bacteria. So you always want to serve your family the freshest food possible.

Heck, everything is better when it is fresh and Perrine’s Produce offers it all from farm fresh produce, to Troyer Amish comfort foods like homemade preserves, fruit butter and old fashioned snacks; to fresh, blue ribbon winning deli; to freshly baked goods; to dairy items like cheese curds and eggs fresh from the farm to your table. Perrine’s even has freshly prepared side salads, including potato salad, pasta salad and chicken salad and daily-made dinners to go.

So if you want to put a fresh spin on things, just add a Perrine’s Produce visit to your list!

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