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Perrine’s for Restaurants

Attention restaurant, bar and other food establishment owners and managers!

As the person whose job it is to ensure dining satisfaction and keep your patrons coming back for more, you want to create an experience that offers variety, full flavor and – to keep things a win-win – a healthy profit margin for you.

Perrine’s Produce, known for providing a wide array of fruits and vegetables with unequaled farm-to-table freshness and affordability, has got you covered. So keep preparing a variety of delectable dishes that set you apart and allow you to earn a decent wage while your customers also enjoy menu items that won’t break the bank.

Craft your salads from a buttery mix of lettuces, tangy tomatoes, nutrient-rich avocados, cucumbers with snap and red onions with zing. Add berries, pears and melons to furnish your presentation seasonal flair. Red, orange and yellow peppers will deliver a burst of sweetness and create plates that pop with color. 

Perrine’s Produce provides restaurants with produce that makes mouths water and tantalizes taste buds…the produce you need to be successful. All you need to do is serve it up! 

The newest and largest Perrine’s Produce location can be found in Port Orange. Perrine’s Produce is also located in Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Plus, Perrine’s provides a wholesale warehouse in South Daytona for those who prefer to purchase by the case or pallet. Feel free to call 386-689-5432 for more wholesale produce information.

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