About us

The birth of Perrine’s Produce took place back in 1986. It was Memorial Weekend when Junior and Dianna Perrine decided to get a truck load of watermelon from a local farmer. They took their pickup truck and four kids and headed to a nearby busy intersection. In one day, they sold the entire load of watermelon.

Soon, it was a regular weekend venture, selling produce on a street corner. The whole family helped. They realized that weekends just weren’t enough and started selling produce every summer while the kids were out of school. Going to get the produce was also a family adventure. Traveling around we got to show the children most of the southeast country side. On the trips all of the children learned their multiplication tables for school. Every summer turned into year-round, and year-round has since turned into 3 locations of Perrine’s Produce! Along with their businesses, their family has also expanded. Junior and Dianna have four children; Valerie, Melissa, Crystal and Kenny. All of their kids are married and they now have eight grandchildren!

Perrine’s Produce continually offers Floridians fruits and vegetables, deli selections, excellent selection of wines, wide variety of Amish products and recipes to make the most out of your purchases from our store. We are open 7 days a week and have hours that vary by location. For the best prices and freshest products around, stop in our store to see what we have to offer.

Meet Junior and Diana Perrine (owners and founders)