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Why Freezing Foods Is Brilliant

Freezing foods can save you time, save you money and save your favorite foods long after they are out of season. It’s simply brilliant!

Do you often find there aren’t enough hours in the day or maybe you’re just sick of the drudgery of making dinner day after day? One solution is to make meals ahead of time and freeze them. Wouldn’t it be nice to just pull something delicious out of the freezer and heat it up? You bet your tookus! To save time, just double a recipe and serve half for dinner while freezing the other half for another day. Soups, lasagna, casseroles and various meats are all great items to freeze. 

Then, of course, freezing foods affords us the benefit of saving money – whether it is by buying cheaper in bulk or by freezing certain foods before they go bad. 

Plus, don’t you hate when your favorite fruits and veggies – like fresh corn, tomatoes and butterbeans – are out of season? Just remember that when you freeze them, you can enjoy them long after the season is over.

And don’t forget about those baked goods and fruits! So next time you find yourself staring at an empty frig, just open up that freezer door for cookies or cakes. You will thank yourself when that next craving hits. It’s also good to freeze some of that sweet stuff so that you don’t eat it all in one sitting. I’m just sayin’. You can also freeze fruits like sliced peaches, mangos, pineapples and strawberries, which are great for smoothies, pie filling, ice cream topping and straight-up snacking.

See? Brilliant…simply brilliant!

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