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Learn How to Build Your Own Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie boards are trending and it’s no great wonder why. It’s all about mixing some of food’s most wonderful tastes, colors and textures and the even more amazing part is that you can use virtually anything delicious. Are you ready to start building?

Step one is to find a beautiful board. You can go rustic with butcher blocks showcasing rich, natural wood grains, opt for elegance with a marble slab or simply use your prettiest serving tray. 

Now let’s just toss around a sampling of some items you might like to include…

Choose from cured meats like hard Italian salami or peppery genoa salami and soppressata. Proscuitto wrapped provolone is gorgeous or serves your prosciutto sliced with interspersed cantaloupe wedges. Speaking of fruits, add anything from plump red and green grapes for holiday flair, to dried apricots, berries and sweet fig dip. 

A colorful array of your favorite veggies can add a nice crunch. And there are so many great cheese choices out there – from fresh marinated mozzarella balls, to jalapeno and mango gouda, to sundried tomato and basil cheddar and, of course, the ever-popular baked brie. So don’t forget the cheesy goodness!

Go spicy with long hots stuffed with sausage and fresh from the oven or fiery pepper shooters, and for a little more bite, add Sicilian olives. Green olive tapenade and bold, red bruschetta can also add a pop of holiday color to this festive dish. 

Then build it up with homemade preserves, honey, hot mustard, cracked peppercorn table crackers and parmesan cheese straws; and take it up a notch with ramekins or pretty little bowls filled with dips and salads, like hot spinach and artichoke dip, avocado shrimp salad, roasted corn salsa and three-bean salad.

Add a sprig or two of rosemary for garnish, a carafe of wine or fruity sangria for when you get parched, and some baked bread…maybe slices of pepperoni bread or pesto cheese bread or a simple baguette with baked garlic for slathering…and you’ve just turned your stress-free snacking into a full-size meal!

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