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How Does It Grow?

The way some of our fruits and vegetables grow is downright weird! Just sayin’…

You may not imagine things this way, but Brussel sprouts, which are actually a cousin to cabbage, grow in clusters on a stalk. Since Perrine’s Produce is always providing its customers with the absolute freshest fruit and vegetable options available, odds are good that you may see them there fresh on the stalk from time to time!

And although we may picture those neat, bountiful bunches we find in our markets when we think of asparagus; in actuality, they grow out of the ground in spears. From the legume family and also called garbanzo beans or Egyptian peas, chickpeas are reminiscent of small, fuzzy, green peaches hanging from vines as they grow. While you may think a caper is a vegetable, it is more of a fruit. This yummy enigma is actually the bud of a beautiful flower that grows on the capparis spinosa bush. And papayas grow in bunches much like bananas.

Now let’s get nuts! While a peanut is considered a legume, most nuts – aside from chestnuts, acorns and hazelnuts which are actually fruits themselves – are seeds of a fruit. So, you will find cashews and their pistachio relation, as well as walnuts, growing on trees.

If you ever want access to affordable, fresh fruits and vegetables in a convenient location, no matter how odd their growth may be, just stop by Perrine’s Produce in Port Orange on Clyde Morris, New Smyrna Beach on US 1, Ormond Beach on Nova Road and – just to make things even easier – soon in Edgewater!

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