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Fun, Unique Vegetables and Fruits You Can Grow Yourself

Vegetable gardens can be a lot of fun. It’s a pleasure to watch your efforts come to life, but do you know what can be even more fun? Growing very cool, unique produce, such as…

Green zebra striped tomatoes, which look exactly like they sound, are more than just a pretty face. They are sweet and tangy too!

Add some interest to any fruit tray with cape gooseberries, the fruit that looks like a golden berry inside a paper lantern. These pretty little fruits grow on a bush and can come back from year to year in mild climates.

Mouse melons or cucamelons look like tiny little watermelons. Their vines, which can reach eight feet in height, are very easy to grow. Just harvest them quickly or their skins can become tough.

Speaking of melons, how about a watermelon radish? These radishes, with white skin and magenta meat inside, are beautiful in salads or for pickling.

Then there are golden raspberries, which may not be as sweet, but are pretty to mix with raspberries of the red variety.

Glass gem corn cobs look like they are made from gorgeous, multicolored gems. You can’t eat this corn on the cob, but it is very cool for making popcorn and to grind for colorful corn flour tortillas.

Like purple? Try king tut peas, which grow inside deep purple shells; or kalibos cabbage, a stunning addition to any salad.

New Zealand yams are red, white and pink tubers which taste like lemony water chestnuts when raw and lemony potatoes when cooked.

Romanesco broccoli or broccoflower is grown just like cabbage and pops up in spiky swirls.

And for delicious, traditional, fresh fruits and vegetables the easy way, you can always just stop by any one of Perrine’s Produce’s convenient locations!

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