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Stock Your Home for the Holidays at Perrine’s Produce

So, where can you find a flavorful wine to complement that new holiday recipe you want to try; everything you need to make that recipe; and, because you need to bring Aunt Ella something to make her Christmas brighter, a pretty poinsettia plant? That’s easy! You can get those things and anything else you need to stock your home for the holidays at Perrine’s Produce.

Perrine’s Produce has everything on your list no matter how you celebrate the holidays, from an excellent selection of seasonal wines and beer (which can help you make a great entrance to any holiday party!), to beautiful deli platters (so that there is at least one time during the holidays when you don’t have to lift a finger), to coffee beans for freshly ground coffee on Christmas morning.  We also have eggs, bacon and an enormous array of baked goods including pastries…which would all pair perfectly with that fresh coffee!

Additionally, Perrine’s Produce stocks amazing items to create the most appetizing appetizers – like tasty, red shrimp (which even come deveined to save you some time, if you like) and unique, award winning cheeses, from Havarti dill to green onion. Perrine’s is also the place to pick up everything for your holiday dinner, so grab some sweet potatoes, Yukon golds and broccoli or green beans for your famous casserole.

Home is where the heart is – even more so at the holidays, when you are surrounded by all of those you love; and, when you shop at Perrine’s Produce, your home is also where you will find party pleasers, yummy baked goods, wine to please the masses, tons of stuff for delicious meals, great snacks and holiday treats …You get the idea!

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