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Egg Types: Cage-free, Free-range, Farm-raised, Organic

Eggs are an affordable source of protein; and, with options from mouth watering vegetable frittatas, to our favorite baked goods, to deviled deliciousness, eggs also provide eggcellent menu items! Did you know that, aside from white or brown, there are a variety of types of eggs?

For instance, cage-free eggs are produced from chickens that are humanely treated. Cage-free chickens live in hen houses with natural sunshine and ventilation as opposed to cages. They are permitted to roam free within their enclosure with access to food and water.

Then, you have your free-range eggs. These come from chickens that are allowed outdoors during their production cycle. Farm-raised take that up a bar. These chickens are able to live outdoors; and there is no need to worry about these little ladies during inclement weather because they enjoy access to shelter as well.

So what’s the deal with organic eggs? Remember that old adage, “You are what you eat”? Well, in addition to humanely raised chickens, organic eggs come from chickens that are organically fed. What this means is that they are only given antibiotics for illness – not to faster growth and weight gain. Nor are these chickens fed animal by-products, chemical additives or exposed to potential hazardous fertilizers or pesticides.

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