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Cherry Tomatoes and Feta…A Match Made in Heaven

This is the perfect time of year for couples; and here is a coupling you’re going to love. It’s a recipe for cherry tomato and feta dip and it literally takes seconds to put together. 

Simply line a baking dish with cherry tomatoes tossed with a little olive oil and whatever spices you like. Basil, oregano and red chili flakes are all delicious, but if you just leave it alone, it is just as rich and decadent. Next, just place a hunk of feta cheese in the middle. Then bake until your tomatoes burst and your cheese is bubbly…at about 400 for around 30 minutes should be about right. Seriously, that’s it! The end result is a salty, creamy flavor explosion that will rock your world!

It’s a dip to die for that doubles as a delectable sauce. So grab some crackers, warm pita wedges or some chunks of bread for dipping; or add some rice or pasta to make it a meal. We love corkscrew pasta, but any will do, so just pick your favorite and toss some in! If you want to make it even more spectacular, top it all off with sweet, red Argentinian shrimp.

Pair this amazing, cheesy, tomato dish with freshly baked Kalamata olive loaf, and a sultry merlot; and you have all the makings for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two!

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