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Weekly Specials Just for You!

Perrine’s Produce is always affordable, but when you add our weekly specials to your shopping mix, you can give inflation a real kick in the as…paragus!

Perrine’s Produce offers weekly specials on popular seasonal items, so you can enjoy terrific prices on fruits like small seedless watermelon, jumbo cantaloupes and juicy nectarines; and locally grown, farm-to-your-table vegetables such as bright red, vine ripened tomatoes, zucchini and green beans. 

Stocking up on your favorite meats – like T-bones, flank steaks and London broil; and seafood – from plump shrimp, to tilapia filets and sea scallops – all when they are on sale at Perrine’s can put a big (and welcome) dent in your grocery bill. Or satisfy your sweet tooth with Perrine’s Produce bakery items like Amish maple cinnamon rolls or a freshly baked cake loaf. There are always grocery items on sale too, including things like parmesan cheese, gnocchi, olive oil, dips, dressings and so much more.

The weekly specials at Perrine’s Produce also afford a wonderful opportunity to try new things. There are always some types of deli and wines on sale at Perrine’s, so it’s a great time to place an interesting Riesling or fancy new cheese into your shopping basket. Ever try a sweet, smoky deli slice of apple smoked ham? The perfect way to purchase it for the first time is when it is on sale at Perrine’s.

Visit Perrine’s Produce online to check out the latest weekly specials and plan your delicious, inflation fighting shopping trip today!

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