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Cilantro Goes Where?

Lovers of cilantro know that its vibrant taste makes it so much more than just an attractive garnish; and its culinary uses are pretty much endless…

Cilantro has been used by celebrated cooks for centuries. Asians have used it since ancient times, so add it to your stir fry at the end to brighten things up or chop it with peanuts and toss in sesame noodles. 

It makes a creamy garlic lime sauce simply perfect for topping off soft shrimp tacos. Pair that with a jalapeno cilantro margarita and invite me for lunch (please). Use it in pasta dishes too. A nice addition to any barbecue is bowtie pasta salad with baby peas and cilantro. 

Toss it in your guacamole dip, salad greens and even your sandwiches for some added zip. Use it in soups, stews and your fish and chicken marinades. Don’t forget your veggies. How about roasted Brussel sprouts with a dash of soy, lime and cilantro? Yes, please!

A feast for the eyes and palate aside, cilantro is also a beneficial part of any diet (great btw in smoothies), facilitating healthy digestion, improving sleep patterns, lowering blood sugar, reducing cholesterol, regulating heart rate and blood pressure and is an exceptional source for vitamins and nutrients including vitamin K promoting healthy bones, vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium. This versatile herb can even be applied topically to treat skin inflammation.

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, Perrine’s Produce also offers a wide array of fresh herbs to tantalize your culinary senses. So stop by and pick up a bunch of cilantro!

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