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What Makes Amish Food Different?

Old fashioned wholesome goodness…that’s what Amish food is made of! Processed foods just can’t compare with the homemade, natural quality of Amish foods. Comforting, simple and filling, Amish foods often include hearty items such as potatoes, noodles, meats and farm fresh milk and eggs which make many of their dishes rich and creamy.

Amish food is farm grown food with fruits and vegetables preserved for the months to come. The Amish feel that sharing a great meal is a great way to fellowship…and great meals they are. They are full breakfasts, substantial lunches and savory dinners, often served with fresh breads and topped off with homemade pies all made to satisfy hard working people. 

That’s not to mention all of the Pennsylvania Dutch classics such as kielbasa, apple butter, canned peaches and pickled beets. There are Amish wedding and church foods too, including bread and butter pickles, bean salads and old fashioned jams and jellies from pepper to a wide array of fruit options.

Amish recipes are steeped in tradition. The Amish, with roots in Germany and across Eastern Europe, have passed down delicious recipes from one generation to the next; and Amish women prepare home cooked meals for their large families every day, earning them a reputation for good food. As they say, practice definitely makes perfect!

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