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Why Shredding and Grating Your Own Cheese Is Best

You know how the waiter in those high-end Italian restaurants comes to your table to grate fresh parmesan cheese over your pasta? There is a great reason for that and it isn’t just for show. Freshly grated and shredded cheese tastes a whole lot better. 

Plus, those rinds that you are left with at the end of those wedges of fresh parmesan and Romano cheese are an outstanding addition to any pot of simmering spaghetti sauce…the only additive that you should have to worry about when it comes to cheese.

Here’s a scary thought…There is all kinds of yucky stuff added in order to keep shredded cheese from clumping up, including cellulose powder! We work hard to avoid carbs and keep the bulk off our bodies, so why on earth would we eat cheese that bulks us up more? That’s right, the good news is that the fresh block cheese you shred yourself actually contains less carbs.

Ah, but that’s not all the crazy additives shredded cheese contains. Believe it or not, to raise the fiber contents and to add more weight to the bag (which ultimately saves the manufacturer money), shredded cotton and wood pulp are added to shredded cheese! I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get my fiber from fruits and vegetables.

Cheese shredded fresh from the block melts better too. Because it doesn’t contain additives, fresh block cheese is creamier and will provide a smoother consistency when you melt it. Those bags of pre-shredded cheese questionable additives making your cheese powdery at best and robbing you of that creamy goodness that the block cheeses you shred yourself can provide.

Then there is the fact that spending only a few minutes to shred or grate your own cheese is less expensive, about 20% more. You do the math!

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