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Summer Veggie Enchiladas

If you love summer vegetables, one delicious and easy way to enjoy them is in enchiladas. Here is all you have to do:

The beauty of enchiladas – well, one of them anyway – is that you can fill them with pretty much anything you like! Slice your choice of vegetables, place on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil just enough to lightly coat and sprinkle with kosher salt, pepper and cumin if you like. 

A nice mix of summer veggies is peppers (My family prefers mild poblano chili peppers in their enchiladas, but sweet red and orange peppers can add a delightful pop of flavor and color to the mix.), halved cherry or grape tomatoes, half-mooned yellow squash and corn kernels cut off the cob. Then simply roast them.

Line your baking pan with green enchilada sauce. A good canned variety is just fine (See how easy?) and then dip your tortillas in some of the same sauce before filling them with your vegetable mix and shredded Monterey jack cheese. If you lean toward the spicy spectrum, you can take things up a notch with pepper jack instead. 

After you fill your pan with these tasty treats, top them with a little more of the enchilada sauce and shredded cheese, and just bake those babies until they are warm and bubbly. You can always get fresh, affordable vegetables throughout the summer (and any time of the year!) at each of the convenient Perrine’s Produce locations. Also easy!

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