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Makin’ the Bacon!

Do you happen to know anyone who doesn’t like bacon? I have never heard of that particular affliction. That being said, here are two absolutely yummy recipes (including bacon) that will be the hit of the party…

Okay, so most of us eat broccoli, but have you had it dressed up and baconized? All you need are the small top pieces from a bunch of fresh broccoli, ½ or a small red onion (I like to slice it and then use half slices. It’s pretty and seems easier to eat that way.) The dressing is ¾ cup of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, ½ cup sugar and 2 to 3 tablespoons of the bacon grease you get when you fry your bacon. Blend well. Then, add the dressing and chopped bacon pieces just before serving and toss well. That one came from my ex-husband’s grandma – definitely one of the better things from that marriage! 

The next one, which came from Natasha’s Kitchen online, is simple, inexpensive and may end up being your new favorite side dish. It’s a BLT pasta salad. If you like BLTs and pasta salad, just wait until you try them together! Toss your cooked pasta (Rotini or large shells are really good for this because they look great and hold the flavors nicely.) with diced tomato and chopped iceberg lettuce (patted dry with a paper towel before adding). If you like onion, avocado or cucumber, those are nice to chop and throw in too. Add cooked, crumbled bacon and a dressing of ranch, sour cream, mayonnaise, a little bit of lemon juice, some minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste just before serving.

Don’t forget, you can get all your fresh veggies AND your bacon at any convenient Perrine’s Produce location!

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