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We Have Baked Goods!

Sweet confections adorned with sugary frosting; rich chocolate cake so decadent it leaves your mouth watering for more; pies, a mix of tangy fruits and buttery crusts that make your stomach rumble; creamy cheesecake you’ll long to swirl around your tongue; and before it tantalizes your taste buds, the aroma of fresh baked bread that wakes up your olfactory senses…Yes, Perrine’s Produce has baked goods and so much more!

We have all of the above as well as flaky croissants, bars and tarts, cookies, cannolis, donuts, pastries and seasonal treats. Perrine’s Produce even has old fashioned candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. And if you’re not sure what sweet indulgence you might fancy, simply check out our bakery display case for a delightful sampling if you dare! 

So top off your holiday fare with desserts to die for; bring a hostess gift that guarantees your invite for many years to come; or make your own party a hit with a dessert table beyond compare. Perrine’s has baked goods because we knew if we baked it, “they would come” and you should too!

But certainly don’t limit yourself to those oh so sweet treats! By now, hopefully you are aware (and just in case you’re not…) that Perrine’s offers a multitude of other delicious items including, but certainly not limited to, savory snacks to satisfy those late night or any other cravings, a wonderful assortment of wine and beer, fresh fruits and vegetables of course, meats and seafood for main courses that will wow them, incredible prepared meals for a quick pick-up, amazing deli delights, local jams and honey, Amish wedding and dairy products and almost any other grocery item you may need.

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