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Check Out All the Amazing Things We Offer in Ormond Beach!

A large array of wines from all over the world; flavored olive oils; fresh herbs to enhance the flavors in any meal; homemade salads, local honey, jellies and jams, fresh baked breads and mouthwatering desserts…

Does that sound like your local produce stand? If not, you are shopping at the wrong place. You need to pay a visit to Perrine’s Produce in Ormond Beach. It’s a wonderful experience for the senses that is not for the faint of heart.

Perrine’s Produce has been providing top quality, competitively priced produce for over 30 years, so they know how to do it right! Florida has a gloriously long growing season, so Perrine’s can provide fresh, farm to table produce year-round. Imagine isles filled with delicious berries, juicy peaches, bins billowing over with watermelons, ripe tomatoes and greens galore! That, my friend, is Perrine’s Produce.

They also have a full-service deli with amazing Amish meats and cheeses. Try havarti dill, green onion cheese, smoked honey roasted turkey, off the bone or black forest ham. You won’t be disappointed! If they have something unique that you have never tasted, don’t be shy, ask for a piece. The employees at Perrine’s are eager to please.

And Perrine’s Ormond Beach location is a particularly pleasurable place to shop because, aside from offering an enticing selection of fruits, vegetables, deli items and other fresh homemade items, it is a full blown grocery store with everything you could possibly need!

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