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Why We Enjoy Hosting Wine Tasting Events at Perrine’s Produce

Ahhh, a good glass of wine is nirvana. It can make meals more romantic and evenings more memorable, it’s perfect on picnics and it can taste like velvet on your tongue. Wine can be effervescent, mild, sweet, dry or bold. Some wines are seeped in history and tradition. Travel the world through a bottle of wine….to California, Australia, France, Italy or Germany; or enjoy local wines for local flavor.

You may wonder, however, how you will know what type of wines best suit your taste and when to serve which bottle. A wonderful way to answer all of your burning wine questions is by attending a Perrine’s Produce wine tasting event.

Perrine’s Produce has an enormous variety of domestic and imported wines, from whites, to reds, blushes, fruity wines, blends and even organic wines; and our wine tasting events are a great way to try a wide array of different types of wines without breaking the bank!

A wine tasting event at Perrine’s Produce will also teach you the story behind each wine and which pairs best with what. Some wines go well with sharp cheeses, some with seafood or steak and some even enhance the flavor of chocolate!

Pair good people with good wine and the result is a good time at Perrine’s Produce! Perrine’s Produce in Ormond Beach is conveniently located at 120 S. Nova Road. To find out more about our upcoming wine tasting events at Perrine’s Produce, just visit to sign up for our newsletter.

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