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Healthy Eating…from Farm to Table

A happy and healthy holiday season…that is what Perrine’s Produce wishes for you! And what better way to get it than by observing “farm to table” practices. Everything about “farm to table” food fruits and vegetables is better than items that are not locally grown.

First of all, local food is often much more nutritious than shipped foods. Shipped fruits and vegetables are frequently picked before they ripen so that they can endure the long-distance ride. What this means for consumers is that they are less able to absorb nutrients…and subsequently, so are you.

Local food is also better for our environment. Limited shipping leads to a much smaller carbon footprint than an 18-wheeler that gets five miles to the gallon!

Let’s not forget that “farm to table” foods are delicious. Not only is there a wide array of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable choices, but “farm to table” items include honey, baked goods, nuts, meats, cheeses and other dairy products.

“Farm to table” brings us tantalizing treats such as fresh locally grown berries for your cereal or yogurt; colorful, nutrient-rich zucchini, peppers, onions and mushrooms fresh off your grill and fresh off the farm; and buttery lettuce salads with avocados and cherry tomatoes bursting with flavor!

Schools and employers are even trying to instill healthier habits in our children and workforce with the “farm to table” school and cafeteria movements.

Improve your foodie game with some “farm to table” items from Perrine’s Produce this holiday season. Game on!

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