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Thank Goodness for Green Goddess!

If you are like many of us, you are always looking for delicious ways to ingest a whole bunch of nutritional goodness; and one of the best ways is with a crisp, decadent green goddess salad.

Okay, so here is all you have to do to create delectable green goddess dressing. If you have a little bullet blender or a blender for small smoothies, those work perfectly for this recipe, but a traditional blender works just as well for mixing this delicious concoction too. 

Then pack whichever blender you choose with fresh spinach leaves, leaving on those little stalks since they contain valuable nutrients and the end result is a puree.

You will also want to add a modest amount of fresh basil leaves, garlic and shallots. Add a bit of lemon juice for brightening things up and adding just a little zing. Splurge on some really good virgin olive oil (I promise you it will be worth it!) and drizzle it in. If you want to add some walnuts for a protein boost, that certainly wouldn’t be frowned upon and it is pretty tasty too! Then just blend it all up until you have a smooth, bright green mixture.

Any of your favorite salad stuffs are a great pairing for this nutrition-rich dressing, from whichever lettuces you love best, to crunchy radishes, to vitamin A enriched carrots and tangy tomatoes, but here is another terrific tossing to top….finely chopped cabbage, cumber and scallions. 

Any way you toss it, green goddess salad is a nutritious lunch, dinner or snack that will make you feel like a goddess; and all of those fresh veggies can be found affordably at any one of the convenient Perrine’s Produce locations, so foraging for your ingredients is also a trouble-free task!

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