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Why You Should Attend a Perrine’s Wine Tasting Event

Whether you want to increase your knowledge about wines, improve your wine tasting palate, enjoy the appeal of the delectable pairings, various flavors and aromas wine can present or simply have some fun, a wine tasting event at Perrine’s Produce can be a truly delightful and fulfilling experience.

Examine flavors from earthy, to spicy, buttery, floral, fruity, peppery, oaky and smoky. Learn about body, which is the texture of wine…from more delicate and velvety, to harsher and more course. Assess the balance of wine, which runs the gamut from flavors that are firmly woven together, to the more diffuse. Don’t forget the finish – from softer and more elegant, to bold, tart and tangy – which is often the most useful in helping to determine what you like about a wine.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself in a festive atmosphere among like-minded people; bring home and take pleasure in your newly found wine knowledge with family and friends; and make time to attend more Perrine’s Produce wine tastings because there is always something fascinating to learn about wine!

Visit and sign up to receive updates about upcoming wine tasting events at Perrine’s Produce. Perrine’s Produce is located at 120 S. Nova Road in Ormond Beach and is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. If you need any more information, feel free to stop by or call 386-872-4344.

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