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What Makes a Good Grocery Store?

There is a fail-safe formula for what makes a good grocery store. It’s pretty simple really, but so many aspiring grocery gurus fall short. Certain grocery stores have some great items, some hire helpful sales associates, some even have sales that can capture your attention, but very few possess all of the ingredients for the perfect grocery store recipe. 

Friendly, knowledgeable customer service, great variety, high quality items at affordable prices…that is what makes a good grocery store. And some grocery stores, like Perrine’s Produce, go above and beyond that foolproof formula.

Perrine’s Produce has been doing what they do – and nailing it – for over 30 years, so to say they know what they are doing is a colossal understatement. Exceptional customer service is also paramount at this family-owned phenom. When you smile, they smile.

Aside from the affordable pricing every day, there are weekly specials that just can’t be beat – from delicious deli, succulent seafood and veggies galore. And almost everything in stock is acquired locally to ensure infallible freshness and better quality products with superior nutrition and taste.

Then Perrine’s lifts the entire grocery store concept up to new heights. Take its new Port Orange location, for instance, which raises grocery up to a level that is sure to delight customers. There are smoothies and ice cream, fresh coffee beans and a grinding station, mouthwatering olive and cheese bars, Amish deli items and homemade side salads, wines from around the world, ready-to-go meals, old fashioned snacks, tasty bakery treats, local honey and preserves and fruit and vegetables so fresh they were very likely delivered that very day. Now that’s good grocery.

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