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Have Fun and Save Money Exploring Wine Tasting Events at Perrine’s

A bold, dry cabernet sauvignon with a medium-rare porterhouse steak…a crisp, effervescent prosecco on a summer afternoon…a sweet, light-bodied moscato – the perfect accompaniment to a berry tart or Asian fare.

But, when it comes to wines to serve, gift or enjoy for yourself, do you really know which one to buy? Should you go for the expensive one because you think it might taste better because it costs more? Not necessarily. What if you have to buy several bottles of wine before you find one you like? That won’t happen if you attend a Perrine’s Produce wine tasting event. 

There are many very affordable wines that are absolutely delicious. Find out which ones at a Perrine’s Produce wine tasting! Plus, a Perrine’s wine tasting event will enable you to find wines you like without spending a fortune on your quest, buying countless bottles before you find the right one!

A wine tasting at Perrine’s Produce will allow you to try various types of wines. Maybe you are confident that you like merlot, but have you ever tried a Merlot-Sangiovese, known for its balance and savory quality? Do you know how different regions around the world affect wines and if you prefer an Australian wine to one from Brazil? Most likely it will depend on the type of wine, but you may discover subtle nuances you hadn’t previously considered. Try delicious local wines at a Perrine’s wine tasting too!

A Perrine’s Produce wine tasting event is also a terrific way to socialize; and we promise you will have fun with a bunch of like-minded people who are taste-testing wines right along with you! Check us out on Facebook to find out about upcoming wine tastings at Perrine’s Produce.

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