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Buying Items on Sale Will Save You Money

For many of us, our grocery shopping process begins with a list born of necessity. We start compiling it with the things we begin to run out of and then build on it from there. Then of course (shhh) we add the extras that make the week slide by that much quicker! The next thing that usually kicks into our shopping thought process is budget. Let’s face it, we like to get as many of the items on our list for a deal or at least at a competitive price. That’s where Perrine’s comes in.

Perrine’s Produce, conveniently located on the Dixie Freeway in New Smyrna Beach, S. Nova Road in Ormond Beach and our new, innovative Port Orange market on Clyde Morris, distributes weekly sale flyers, which you can also easily find online. Perfect for savvy shoppers, they list items from fruits and vegetables, to deli items, dinner items and delicious items we look forward to with every upcoming holiday and changing season.

Want a special dinner treat? More often than not, you can find 6 oz. filets at just $5.99 a piece! If sweet, succulent shrimp is more your thing, an entire pound of Argentine reds is often found at Perrine’s for only $6.99! If you are busy, bump it up a notch and get them peeled and deveined for just a few dollars more. Get lunch items on special at Perrine’s Produce too. Who wouldn’t like ham fresh off the bone for just $5.47 per lb.? I got that just the other week…and sliced American cheese for about half of what you would pay anywhere else. You can also find great, local canned items from red roasted peppers to zesty pickled vegetables and tons of wholesome Amish goodness from dairy, to meats, to old fashioned snacks.

Today, it is especially important to maintain good health and boost our immune systems. Want to keep your family eating healthy by feeding them nutritious meals and snacks? Do it on a dime at Perrine’s Produce.

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