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The Best Cuban Sandwich

There are a variety of ways to make a Cuban sandwich. Up in New Jersey, where the deli’s run rampant, you’ll often find Cuban sandwiches made on a hoagie roll (Well, it IS Jersey!) and served cold with piled high, thinly sliced ham, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise and pickles.

However, Florida, where the Cuban sandwich has been a tradition since the influx of Cuban immigrants made it popular in the 1800s, is home to a more authentic version which is equally or dare I say more delicious (without fear of retribution) than its northern counterpart. Ham and Swiss also star in this tasty take. There is also pork and yellow mustard, but the biggest contrast lies in its prep. 

The Florida (and New Orleans) version of a Cuban sandwich is placed on freshly baked Cuban bread, slathered in butter on top and bottom and flat grilled to crispy, warm perfection. Can’t you just taste it? Genoa salami, which is an Italian in influence, can also be added for a nice kick, but Cuban sandwich traditionalists will tend to leave that out, opting for a very healthy portion of ham.

Here’s a helpful tip if you are making a Cuban sandwich at home and you don’t have a flat press. Grill your sandwich in a regular frying pan and place a smaller, heavy cast iron skillet on top for the pressing part. When the first side is golden brown, just flip it and dig in when done!

Perrine’s Produce offers everything you need for the perfect Cuban sandwich, as well as a wide array of delicious deli meats from off the bone ham, to sweet Lebanon bologna straight from the Amish country in Ohio and Troyer award-winning, blue-ribbon cheeses.

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