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Red, White – When It Comes to Wine, Which One?

There are so many delicious choices when it comes to our food, but there are also a myriad of wines from which to choose, and some pair better with certain foods than others.

The first food that often comes to mind when we think of wine is cheese. Fatty cheese goes best with tannic wine, while salty cheese is better with acidic wine. So brie is delicious with fruity wines and camembert with champagne. Gorgonzola and Chianti are quite the pair and mozzarella is a game-changer when served with Sangiovese wine. Gouda and merlot, as well as parmesan and Lambrusco will also leave you wanting more.

Now let’s talk dinner. Lollipop lamb chops are delicious served with aromatic whites, while fattier lamb dishes, such as leg of lamb, are better served with heavier red wines. If you like calamari, you may like it more with prosecco. Pork dishes are typically best with medium white wines or light bodied red wines; and a juicy steak is absolutely perfect with a bold red wine like cabernet sauvignon. 

Sparkling wine, especially fruity rose, is perfect for salmon. However, you also want to take into account how your dish is prepared when you are choosing your wine. For example, if you are enjoying salmon salad, you may prefer a nice white to balance the dressing. Other things, such as the weather, may even influence your wine choice. For instance, as with foods, you may want to go light for a summer picnic…maybe chilled chicken, potato salad and Chablis.

In general, silky wines like chardonnay are delicious with rich sauces; champagne is delightful with salty foods, pinot grigio is an exceptional choice for light fish dishes; zinfandel is nice with pate; fruit salads and fruity desserts pair well with moscato wine; and a shiraz should hold up to any barbeque you can muster.

Pinot noir should be paired with your earthy ingredients like mushroom dishes and it usually makes a surprisingly nice pairing with chocolate. Keep in mind though that different chocolate can vary in density and sweetness so you may want to vary your wine choice too. If you have any questions, come see the helpful folks at Perrine’s Produce, where you can find an excellent selection of wine from across the globe!

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