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Beat Rising Food Costs By Buying Locally

Lately, we’re all feeling that pinch in our pocketbooks…whether it is with building materials and home costs, the prices at the gas pump or putting food on the table. Here’s a great tip for combatting the latter…Buy your food locally.

Buying from local farmers through reliable produce vendors like Perrine’s Produce will keep more cash in your pocket right where it belongs, but that’s not all it does. In a struggling marketplace, buying your groceries locally also helps stimulate our local economy, keeping everyone afloat. From the farmers, to the farm suppliers, to the people who sell and repair tractors, to that polite young man down the street who delivers vegetables to your local produce market and so many more, there is a wide array of people in our community who benefit when we buy our groceries locally.

There is more good news. Perrine’s Produce offers much more than just locally grown fruits and vegetables. There are homemade jams, jellies and other canned goods, as well as local honey that help with allergies in addition to delightfully sweetening your tea. The dairy items, from butter, to the eggs and cheeses available at Perrine’s, are farm fresh too.

Plus, it is an indisputable fact that farm-to-table fruits, vegetables and dairy products are better tasting and more nutritious when they are fresh. Perrine’s Produce has always provided its customers with fresh, affordable, locally grown produce. Come to any of our convenient locations for yours!

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