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Perrine’s Produce for the Perfect Pairings

Ah, a bold cabernet sauvignon with a juicy cut of filet mignon…one of life’s perfect pairings. Yet, aside from flavorful wines from around the world and choice cuts of melt in your mouth meats, did you know that Perrine’s Produce offers quite a few of some additional pairings that are also flawless?

Imagine pairing freshly baked bread that is flaky on the outside and soft in the middle with a nutritious salad brimming with crisp romaine lettuce leaves, decadent avocado slices, crunchy cucumber and juicy, ripe tomatoes.

Pair unbeatable Amish deli meats and award winning cheeses with side salads like German potato salad or Mediterranean pasta salad crafted to perfection.

Pair an oaky chardonnay or crisp sauvignon blanc with skewered shrimp right off your grill. Then finish it off with a pairing of your favorite dessert with a steaming cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans.

Wake up to a pairing of farm fresh eggs and apple wood bacon or, for some unparalleled downhome goodness, try some Amish wedding products or homemade jams and local jellies.

Need a tasty treat? Pair old fashioned savory snacks with sweet ones or pair your sweet berries and bananas for smoothies with a tropical flair. Pair your veggies comfort food style with mashed Yukon golds followed by sweet potato pie, or pair your pasta with primavera veggies in vitamin-rich energy boosting fashion.

You can get all that and so much more, paired however you like, with the additional pairing of unsurpassed affordability and convenience of Perrine’s Produce.

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