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Family Owned and Operated

Perrine’s Produce is family owned, providing our customers with a unique depth, pride and true dedication to this community. As a family owned business, we truly care and, subsequently, take the extra steps to make certain that our customers enjoy high quality, affordable products, exceptional service and, ultimately, a whole lot of customer satisfaction.

Since we are family owned and operated and live locally, we are part of this community too, continually expanding to provide the produce and other grocery items our customers have come to rely on and relish. 

Additionally, that growth translates into more products and more variety, as you will see by our award winning deli, tantalizing bakery items, an extensive selection of wines and beer, fresh dairy, great cuts of meat, frozen seafood, and specialty items such as fresh coffee beans for grinding, local jams and jellies and down home Amish canned items and old fashioned snacks. There is even a salad bar and fully prepared meals to take-out for those customers who are always on the go!

Being operated by local owners yields yet another benefit, and that’s farm fresh products. At Perrine’s Produce, we have cultivated long-standing relationships with local farmers, ensuring that we always make the freshest and most affordable produce available. What that means to you is a direct pipeline of farm-to-table produce…and fresher also means more nutrition for you and YOUR family.

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