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Thankful for…Perrine’s Produce

What are you thankful for…the top trending craft beers, wines from around the world and around the corner, spectacular trays brimming with deli meats and award winning cheeses with side salads to boot or delicious meals that are already prepared and packaged for your convenience?

How about bakery items fresh from the oven including pastries, cookies, cakes, crusty artisan breads (My personal favorite is olive loaf – yum!) and seasonal treats of every type? Are you thankful for old fashioned snacks and Amish wedding items, dairy products fresh from the farm like butter, sour cream and eggs?

How about those things you can only find in certain places, like cheese curds, local honey and jam in a variety of flavors, plantain chips and unique salsas, dressings and sauces; or produce from berries to beans, fresh avocados at unbeatable prices and fresh herbs?

If you frequent Perrine’s Produce because you just can’t help yourself, you may also be thankful for coffee stations full of aromatic beans ripe for grinding and the weekly deals that are way too good to pass up; or maybe you like to stock up on your dinner supplies so you tend to eye up the salad bar, melt in your mouth meats and fresh and frozen seafood options. Wine tastings…what? Yes, please!

Whatever your pleasure, during a season which reminds us of all the things for which we are grateful, it is highly probable that Perrine’s Produce may be top of mind!


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