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Vegan Taco Salad: Get Everything You Need at Perrine’s Produce!

Vegan taco salad can be whatever you want it to be, so make it a mix and match extravaganza of any of your favorites, all of which can be found at any Perrine’s Produce convenient location. Just start with a base of a shredded sturdy lettuce, like romaine, and go from there in whichever direction you choose…

Dice avocado for some deliciously creamy texture and add roasted corn for a sweet pop. Slice red onion and add some salsa for beautiful color and zing. Chop plum tomatoes or add slices of cherry or grape tomatoes and add black beans and jalapenos if you like! Artfully assemble your masterpiece which is rich in taste and vibrant hues and then top with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, roughly crushed tortilla chips and cilantro leaves.

You can also add pasta (Rotini is fun!) or create your own vegan “meat” by mixing crushed walnuts and a few tablespoons of mashed avocado seasoned with salt, cumin, chipotle and crushed pepper if you like things spicy. Your vegan taco salad dressing can be as simple as vegan ranch. By the way, if you didn’t know already, Perrine’s Produce has an excellent, varied selection of dressings too! 

If your predilection leans more toward the carnivorous persuasion, add some hamburger (which, of course, you can also acquire at Perrine’s Produce), browned, drained and spiced up with taco seasoning.

Then just dig in!

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