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Troyer Award Winning Cheese!

If you’re looking for Troyer cheese, which comes steeped in rich tradition and bursting with taste, you’ll find it nestled in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country…and at Perrine’s Produce!

Like the Amish, Perrine’s Produce is committed to providing our customers with quality products like premium Troyer cheese, as well as outstanding deli meats, Amish wedding jar goods such as bread and butter pickles and relishes, and candy and snacks full of old fashioned goodness.

Here’s just a taste of the Troyer cheeses you can find at Perrine’s:

  • Imported gruyere and gouda
  • Cheddars from extra sharp to horseradish and smoked
  • There’s aged Swiss, baby Swiss and Lacey baby.
  • Like things hot? Try spicy habanero cheese, pepper jack or our desert fire cheese!
  • Perrine’s Produce also carries specialty cheeses including farmers cheese, green onion cheese, Havarti dill and bacon. Yes, there is such a thing as bacon cheese because everything’s better with bacon!
  • Plus, more traditional deli cheeses such as American, provolone, mozzarella, colby, marble and muenster

The award winning Troyer product line has been pleasing customers for over 55 years and it is absolutely sure to please you too. Cheese please!

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