Connect with Perrine’s Produce on Facebook for Recipes, New Info and More!

Facebook has become an enormous part of most of our days. If you’re busy, it’s a great way to catch up on everyone’s lives without spending countless hours on the phone. It’s an easy way to communicate with people who are far away – like members of the service, college kids and old classmates. It’s a way for lonely people to become more social. It helps us remember important dates, like birthdays; and it allows us to share photos without the hassle of developing film or having to send them.

But there is another Facebook connection that is extremely beneficial – the one with Perrine’s Produce! Connect with Perrine’s Produce via Facebook for delicious and unique recipe ideas and “Keeping It Fresh,” a group discussion about everything food related. Connect with Perrine’s Produce on Facebook for new info – like updates on our new Port Orange location. Want some great deals? Connect with Perrine’s Produce on Facebook to for its incredible weekly specials. Then of course there is event information. Connect with Perrine’s Produce on Facebook to find out about engaging upcoming events, like the fabulous Perrine’s Produce wine tastings.

Perrine’s Produce is a one-stop shop for everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to dairy products and mouthwatering meats and seafood, heavenly baked goods, delicious deli, old fashioned snacks, Amish products, wines from right around the corner and all over the world…and so much more! Stop in to see for yourself or check us out on Facebook!

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