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Locally Sourced Produce…It’s Just Plain Better!

We, at Perrine’s Produce, are huge proponents of locally sourced produce. When you buy your produce locally, it’s not just about knowing where your food came from, who harvested and how it was grown. There is so much more to it than that…

At Perrine’s Produce, we love our community and feel a sense of pride to give back to it. Buying local produce benefits the local economy by supporting local farmers and other local vendors; and when you toss money back into the local till, it tends to be reinvested close to home time and time again. Plus, buying produce locally helps to preserve and maintain farmland and open space within the community.

Ok, so let’s talk nutrition and taste. Locally grown produce often has a higher nutritional value since it can be picked at the peak of its ripeness as opposed to being harvested early, stored for a period and then transported. When there is less time between harvest and digestion, foods tend to offer more nutrition. Perrine’s Produce has certainly got you covered there! Many times, when you purchase produce at Perrine’s Produce, you are eating locally grown produce that was picked within 24 hours of your purchase.

Seasonal produce is also more flavorful than those items picked before they are ripe and transported hundreds or thousands of miles. Additionally, when there are fewer steps to your table, there is less chance of contamination to your food supply along the way. Not to mention that buying locally lessens the carbon footprint. Local food is good for the environment because it doesn’t have to travel as far to end up on your plate.

Locally sourced produce from Perrine’s…It grows on you!

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