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Corn on the Cob: How to Shop for and Cook It

Serving corn on the cob for a Labor Day barbeque or your last summer shebang in September? Sweet kernels that burst in your mouth and butter dripping down your chin…There’s nothing better than indulging in fresh corn on the cob that is perfectly cooked. Mushy, hard or tasteless corn is another thing entirely, so…Here are some helpful tips on how to spot fresh corn on the cob at your local produce stand and how to cook that corn on the cob to perfection…

The longer corn remains on the stalk, the sweeter it becomes. However, as soon as it is picked, its sugars begin to convert to starch, so you want to try to purchase the freshest corn on the cob available. 

Corn husks prevent corn on the cob from drying out. You don’t want to purchase corn on the cob with husks that have been peeled back by previous customers. You actually never have to peel back corn husks to spot good corn on the cob. Look for bright green husks that are snugly wrapped around the corn. These husks should never have a dry or papery feeling and the silks should be light green or golden – not brown, black or dry.

Once you purchase your fresh corn on the cob, the rest is so easy. For perfect corn on the cob every time, start with a large pot filled with enough water to cover all your ears of corn. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Place your corn in the boiling water for just four minutes. Then butter, salt, pepper and eat it. 

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