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Perrine’s Produce: A Staple of New Smyrna Beach

I came down for a visit three years ago to “help celebrate” last Biketoberfest, made a deal on a house in November and moved down in December. There are so many things to love about New Smyrna Beach. This place is magical for me. The glistening water and palm trees everywhere you look, the beautiful weather all year long and Perrine’s Produce! Yes, that’s right, Perrine’s Produce!

There are so many things to see and do in New Smyrna Beach. It’s a virtual overload of the senses. But I do remember one of the first shopping visits I made on my maiden voyage here was to Perrine’s Produce. We were having dinner at a friend’s house and needed a few things. I saw the sign and stopped in. What a find!

First of all, as soon as I flew down here, I noticed that everyone is so friendly, and it is no different at Perrine’s Produce. Everyone there is quick to help with whatever you need, and there are so many wonderful items there, I didn’t know where to look first!

The rows were filled with juicy peaches, plums and berries. There were bins full of watermelons and cantaloupes. There are coolers with fresh eggs and Amish dairy products, and the walls are lined with shelves of honey, jellies, jams and an array of delicious snacks. And Perrine’s isn’t just about produce! They also have an Amish deli with tons of delicious top quality meats and cheeses and fresh, homemade salads including chicken salad, potato salad, Greek salad and more!

Perrine’s also runs great sales every week that are listed on the front page of the Penny Saver. That is some reading you won’t want to miss. I also just noticed a sign there that says gift cards are available. I know where I am doing my Christmas shopping this year!

Never going back to Jersey! Is it any wonder???

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