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Best Summer Fruits

Summer is here, and life is good! School’s out and tis the season for pool parties, barbeques and general fun with family and friends, but there are even more boons that summer brings, and Perrine’s Produce is the place to get them!

Summer is bursting with berries and flavorful fruits, and all of the best, freshest, most delicious can be found at Perrine’s Produce. There are juicy Georgia peaches that are as sweet as sugar; red seedless grapes are always a favorite; and the watermelon is as refreshing as a dip in a cool pool on a warm, summer day.

If you are one of those people who like to do things big, get ready to bump things up a notch with jumbo mangos and jumbo honeydew melons that – even with a belly full – will have you wishing for more! And if your cravings lean toward the “other fruit,” try fresh and flavorful vine ripened, plum, cherry, Campari or grape tomatoes.

Perrine’s Produce has all that and more…everything you need to keep your family and guests healthy and happy. Aside from a delightful array of local summer fruits, Perrine’s offers California strawberries and sweet cherries, as well as sweet corn and unbelievably priced filet mignon, red shrimp, mussels in garlic and so much more…a selection incredible enough to push any party into full swing!

Want to add to your summer fun? Add some fresh, affordable produce and more to your cart at Perrine’s Produce.

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