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New Things Coming to Our Port Orange Location

A shiny, new bike with lots of chrome and rough terrain tires; a newborn that’s warm with sleep and smells like baby powder; and a fresh, new attitude that reflects positively on all those around you…“new” is great, right? Guess what’s even better – a new Perrine’s Produce Port Orange location with some great, new items!

Perrine’s Produce has always provided affordable, fresh produce, delicious deli items, appetizing side salads and Amish comfort foods, a wide array of meats and seafood, melt-in-your-mouth baked goods and snacks, wines from all over the world and right around the corner…and so much more.

Ah, but when our customers speak, we listen. Our mission is to consistently provide delicious, affordable products make your life better and easier. Subsequently, Perrine’s Produce is now over the moon to announce that we will be offering even more tantalizing tastiness than ever before at our new Port Orange location!

This sizable Port Orange expansion will provide customers with the same appealing products we always had, as well as a host of other brand new offerings, including a drink bar with refreshing smoothies and ice cream, an enormous coffee selection and grinding stations, ready-made meals to go, a mouthwatering olive bar and cheese station, and we have even expanded our wine selection of imports from around the world, as well as local favorites.

Perrine’s Market in Port Orange opens this summer. Come see what we have in store!

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