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We Buy Local Produce as Much as Possible

At Perrine’s Produce, one of the most progressive and acclaimed farm markets (Farm market is a brutally limited term in this case.); we buy local produce as much as possible. Perrine’s Produce acquires fruits and vegetables locally and then transports them straight from the farm to our stores with some extremely popular results.

Aside from the fact that our local produce is freaky fresh – brimming with an abundance of flavor and nutrients that other ordinary consumables just can’t provide, buying local is just plain better! It helps to boost the economy within your community, and then you get to enjoy the domino effect…thriving businesses offering more products and services at better prices, increased home values, better schools, etc. Local products can also be far more affordable, because buying local eliminates long distance transportation and storage costs.

If fabulously fresh fruits and vegetables weren’t enough, Perrine’s Produce spices up the pot with delicious deli, freshly prepared side salads, Amish items, aromatic herbs, old fashioned snacks, unique sauces, dressings and oils, jams, jellies and local honey, pleasing pickled products and salsas, as well as wines from right here and around the world. There are also tantalizing menu items, such as filet mignon and sweet, red, jumbo shrimp. The new Perrine’s Produce location in Port Orange has even added an olive bar, ready meals to-go, coffee grinding and cheese stations, a drink bar, smoothies and ice cream. As the infamous Emeril Lagasse would say, “Bam!”

Make your life easier and your dishes much more tasteful. Live your best life with Perrine’s Produce.

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