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Perrine’s Produce – Your One-Stop-Shop for Wine

A nice merlot on a beautiful fall day…an effervescent Riesling to accompany your fresh, pan seared scallops…fruity sangria to put some polish on your backyard barbeque…a full-bodied Cabernet sauvignon to compliment your porterhouse…sauvignon blanc as a lovely accouterments to a juicy pork tenderloin or an appetizing cheese tray…refreshing rose while out socializing with friends…wine can be a wonderful thing.

Most of us have our favorites. Some lean toward flavorful Italian wines like Chianti. Some prefer an oaky chardonnay from a California vineyard. Others like to add a little zing to their merlot or temper their cabernet by purchasing a trendy combination wine. Seasonal wines are great fun to try and a nice diversion from the ordinary. There are delightful Australian wines, Spanish wines and wines from Germany and France. Then, of course, there are local wines that you may have discovered on a New Smyrna Beach Wine Walk tour. Whatever your pleasure, you can find it at Perrine’s Produce.

So, treat yourself to a pleasurable experience, and stroll through the seemingly never ending wine aisles at Perrine’s Produce. Then drink in the remarkable variety, and pick and choose until your heart’s content.
While you are at it, since the variety of offerings at Perrine’s Produce is as expansive as its wine selection, you may want to pick up a few other items. May we suggest a fresh chunk of cheese from our deli, an olive medley from our new olive bar and maybe some shrimp to sauté?
At Perrine’s Produce, your pleasure is our pleasure. Cheers!

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