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Why You Should Support Local Farmers

Local produce is fresh. Who wouldn’t prefer their fruits and veggies bursting with an abundance of flavor that other ordinary consumables just can’t provide?

Local produce is better for you. Why wouldn’t you choose foods with higher nutritional value? Since it can be picked at the peak of its ripeness as opposed to being harvested early, stored for a period and then transported, local produce often has a much higher nutritional content than produce that hails from different regions. 

Local produce saves you money. Because buying produce locally eliminates the long distance transportation and storage costs, local produce can be far more affordable.

Local produce can help your community. Supporting local farmers by purchasing your produce within your community benefits the local economy. 

Local produce is eco-friendly. Buying local fruits and vegetables is good for the environment. Simply put, it leaves less of a carbon footprint because it doesn’t have to travel very far to end up on your plate.

Additionally, with local produce, there are fewer steps to your table than there are with produce from afar. Subsequently, there is far less chance of contamination to your food supply along the way. That fact and supporting our local farmers when they need it most are both especially important right now. 

Perrine’s Produce supports local farmers so you can too. Pick up your fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables at Perrine’s Produce and take advantage of delicious, nutritious produce and so much more…all at an affordable price.

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