Weekly Specials You Can Count on

You can count on your best friend to have your back; you can count on your mom to comfort you when you are sad; you can count on politicians being a little shady every year; and you can always count on some amazing specials every week at Perrine’s Produce!

Perrine’s Produce buys its products in large quantities from both local farms and other reputable venues across the nation so it can pass along incredible savings to its valued customers. And when we say incredible savings, we’re not kidding. Let’s just give you a “for example” from a recent Perrine’s Produce weekly special flyer…

Thinking you might like a delicious and inexpensive breakfast? Try 14 ounces of Applewood bacon for $3.49 and jumbo Amish eggs for just $1.39 a dozen.

Want to set a table beyond compare? A pound of Argentine red shrimp and 6 ounce filet mignons are both often on special for an unheard of $5.99 each.

Need some deli? If you shop at Perrine’s you will often find American cheese for $3.99 a pound and mouthwatering Virginia baked ham for $4.99.

Do you like to keep things healthy with fruit? How about honeydew melons for $99 each or nectarines for 39 cents per pound? Veggies are a great deal too with organic spring mix at $1.99 a pound, corn as sweet as sugar for just 3 for $1 and juicy vine ripe tomatoes for 99 cents a pound.

So, let’s raise our wine glasses and toast Perrine’s Produce with either 2 for $10 Fetzer or 3 for $11 Mondavi. Now that’s one heck of a toast!

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