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Cannoli Party Dip

Planning a holiday party and looking for something differently delicious to grace your dip or dessert table? Try chocolate chip cannoli dip. It’s a yummy twist to dips that is sure to add some cheer to your holiday revelry this year!

All you need to do is mix eight ounces of room temperature cream cheese with two cups of ricotta cheese; add a cup of powdered sugar and a little vanilla extract. Fold in as many dark chocolate chips as you like and then garnish it with some as well. This dip should be served cold.

The beauty of this distinctive dip – aside from the fact that it is absolutely scrumptious and that it may be even tastier in this deconstructed form than as a “proper” cannoli itself – is that you can use almost anything for dipping. Think flavorful, colorful…and you should probably think sturdy. Of course, pieces of waffle cones, sugar cones or regular ice cream cones are a hit with this dip, but you can also use almost any type of cookie. Chocolate or vanilla Oreos and graham crackers are particularly pleasing. To add some vibrant, pretty colors to your dessert table, choose fruit for dipping. Bright red strawberries and crisp apple slices are proven crowd pleasers. In fact, any type of fruit, which you can always conveniently find fresh and affordable at Perrine’s Produce, is a delightful dipping option.

Even more good news is that you can make chocolate chip cannoli dip ahead and keep in your refrigerator for up to a week, to free you up for your other holiday party prep! 

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