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Delicious and Affordable Meals for the Family

When you have the kids home during the day with you – and even when you don’t – you are probably looking for some great ways to keep your family on a budget. One great way to save money is by thinking out of the box when it comes to making delicious and affordable meals. Here are some ideas inspired by my somewhat (who am I kidding – VERY) lean just-moved-out-on-my-own days. Here goes…

Dinner for breakfast is always a winner and scrambled eggs and toast can’t be beat for price point or for flavor!

Then you have your pasta dishes. You can make them plain, but you can also dress them up for less. How about pasta salad with olives, tiny cubes of cheese and chopped onion, peppers and tomatoes tossed in a little Italian dressing? How does grilled Italian sausage, peppers and onions sound? I have to say, with or without pasta, that one is a hit.

Or switch up your cost-cutting carbs to sticky rice and mix it up with some veggies and soy sauce. Yum!

Some folks like the old standbys so let’s go traditional with BLTs or grilled cheese and tomato. Like things a little more daring? Try making a very untraditional pizza out of bagel slices covered in pizza sauce and mozzarella. You can even make that recipe (Can we even call that a recipe?) healthy by replacing the bagels with zucchini slices. Just drizzle them in olive oil and bake at 400 for 15 minutes. After you add your sauce and cheese, bake them a little more until your cheese starts to bubble and turn tantalizingly golden brown!

Maybe it’s one of those days when you need some hearty, feel-good food. Chili and rump roast with potatoes and carrots are both cheap and easy crockpot meals. 

Whatever way your palate leans, there is always something tasty you can cook up on a budget!

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